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We are a video production company that has been producing training videos since 1982. In 2011, we began writing our own custom software to share our multimedia training materials (like text, images, and videos) in an online education format for our own customers. Our customers have found great success learning new skills using our software, so we decided in 2017 to share our technology with the world.

Are you looking for a video based LMS program? One that takes your video content and internally encodes it several times at multiple bitrates and then stores those videos in one secure cloud location?

Well thats exactly what Xando LMS can do and so much more. Handling text, photos and PDF files is a breeze, but integrating video content is not. That's why most LMS don't, but we made it a priority with Xando.

With Xando, instructors can have video conferences without the need of additional plugins (like GoToMeeting or Adobe Connect). Video conferences can be recorded and played back right from within the LMS, so students whose schedule did not allow them to attend the live session can watch it at their convenience.

Xando lets students seamlessly upload videos from most smartphones and tablets. Instructors can use videos to evaluate a student's ability to perform a skill or grade an oral test. Videos can also be submitted to the class forums for instructor and peer feedback.

With the power of multiple bitrate encoding Xando can stream HD video content to students with high speed internet connections, or stream a lower quality version of the same video to students whose internet connections are as slow as 1.5 mg down.

Videos are stored onto cloud-based servers. A global network of servers located on five continents around the world enables users to get speedy access to content no matter where they are in the world.

Other LMS programs tell you how easy it is to work within their course structure, when in fact that is not always the case. Xando was designed to be so intuitive that a new instructor should not have to use a manual.

Check out the demo site and our free sample course to learn more information about how easy Xando is to use.

If you want to build out a free course just contact us by phone or email and we'll get you set up. Our trials are free to do for an unlimited time until you decide to publish you Xando LMS site. Email info@xandolms.com or call 1-715-235-6502 (ask for Ryan) for more information.

Interested? Let us know and we can set your organization up with a free trial to build your own course!
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