What makes our learning mangement system different

Xando LMS specializes in integrating and streaming video content in online courses. We stream video content from servers all around the world in over twenty countries. Regardless where students are accessing content, video streaming is just as fast as someone streaming from your home region.

course page with a video in the content

A Xando course page with text and video in the content

Our video content streams on a range of bitrates. Students with high speed connections receive high definition videos, while people on slow connections as low as 1.5 mbps receive lower quality video (to ensure a steady stream).

Video content is stored on secure servers, instead of asking you to post your content to Youtube and use a “private url” (that is easily shared). As a training video production company ourselves, we understand the desire to protect proprietary content and made it a key feature of Xando.

Xando has built-in video conferencing, so there is no need to pay for 3rd party products like GoToMeeting or Adobe Connect. You get all the tools you need to run courses the way you want all from within one product.

Our platform is 100% web based and mobile friendly. It runs on every modern smartphone, tablet, and computer. We recommend Safari or Chrome for the best experience, but Firefox and Edge will also work. Whichever our users prefer to use, the most we ask is that users upgrade their browsers to most recent, stable version.

Interested? Let us know and we can set your organization up with a free trial to build your own course!
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