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course management

Multimedia Content Friendly

Easily add and arrange text, images, videos, and files in course content.

Class Pacing Options

Control student progression by unlocking modules at certain times or open all the content up right away for students to go at their own pace.

Branching Classes

Create multiple classes centered around a core curriculum (master course). Content stays the same in the master while classes can have different settings or schedules.

At-a-glance Student Progress Monitors

Evaluate student progress and determine if they meet requirements to pass a class.

Student Testing

Quiz students with essays and multiple choice tests to assess their understanding of course material.

Evaluate Student Performance

View student video uploads to observe their ability to perform a skill. Use videos for testing or to give a student feedback on their progress.

File Organization

Instructors upload their files to one Cloud location and can organize them by course, module, or segment the file is for.

Collaborative Course Authoring

Allow more than one instructor to view and edit course material.

Set Access Limits

Limit how long students have access to course material and offer them extended access for free or additional charge.

student experience

Class Syllabus

Quickly track course progress and stay on top of tasks and assignments.

Notifications System

Alert students when someone has replied to them in discussion forums or sent them a message.

Course Watchlist

For courses with limited enrollment or specific start dates, the system will automatically notify students interested in a course as soon as it's available.

Mobile Support

Access course content and all features from any mobile device; convenient for the learner on the go.

Personalized Experience

Students can select a custom avatar and write a bio about themselves for instructors and other students to learn more about them.

Certificates of Course Completion

Manage the delivery of certificates to send students that have passed a course.

learning delivery

Amble Communication Tools

In-app methods include: private messaging, class announcements, forums, and chat rooms.

Ease of Use

Intuitive controls reduce the learning curve so users can jump in and start using it right away.

Enterprise ready

User Types

Define mulitple kinds of users with specific abilities, like students, instructors, and admins.

Course Marketing

Advertise courses in the course catalog and organize them by custom categories you define.

Free Course Previews

Open individual modules to give potential students a taste of what a course has to offer to entice them to enroll.


Collect payments with PCI compliant credit card charging and with PayPal fully integrated.

white labeling/branding


Use your own unique domain and add your logo to the header. Set custom navigation in header of your site.


Pre-made themes available to set according to which one's colors best suit your brand, or allow your students to choose which theme they prefer to use.


Responsive Design

Use on any device ranging from large desktop monitors to small smartphones.

Web Standards

Made with current web standards and technologies to deliver the best experience possible, well into the future.

Global Infrastructure

Store files on a global network of servers to ensure speedy content delivery.


Protect proprietary content on private cloud-based servers instead of using 3rd party hosting sites.

Variable Bitrate Video Delivery

Deliver videos to users using variable bitrate streaming, prioritizing performance over quality when needed and delivering HD for strong internet connections.

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