Video First Learning System

While most LMS programs treat video content as an afterthought, we designed our platform with a focus on video.

course page with a video in the content

A Xando course page with text and video in the content

With variable bitrate streaming (the same underlying streaming technology as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube) we deliver video content with a wide range of video qualities. We auto detect the quality and speed of your connection and deliver the bitrate that is best suited to your connection. People with poor connections receive a lower quality video (so that it will not stutter), and people with high speed connections receive HD quality video.

four videos with different qualties (simulated)

A video with a range of video qualities (simulated)

Xando LMS uses servers all around the globe to ensure speedy access to video content no matter where you are. Video is delivered based on your proximity to one of our servers across 20+ countries and five continents. This ensures a person watching your videos in Singapore has the same fast access as someone in the U.S.

Videos are stored privately within our secure server system. You are not required to host proprietary video content on 3rd party websites like Vimeo or YouTube (like most LMS programs do).

How to add a video into a course from a phone

How to add a video into a course from a desktop computer

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